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Performance of fresh-keeping packing products
Source:http://www.kadaholding.com  Date:  2008/03/12 12:26:40

Product Performance of fresh-keeping packing products

Following 7 characteristics are our new packing products for flowers, fruits, tea, and vegetables. Welcome to your send inquiry to us.

1. To prolong shelf life: According to the type of agricultural products, to make the fresh-keeping period of agricultural products more than doubled (some agricultural products maintain fresh even after 6 months).

2. To avoid weight losing: Weight losing is kept under 0.5%, which makes products more advantageous in competition, besides, the nutrition, color and taste will be the same as the time when it is just picked. Such products are popular in market.

3. To reduce waste: Reduce the corruption rate of fruits, vegetable and the newly picked plants; reduce the damage to the commercial brand and commodity credit; meanwhile, reduce the manpower and transportation cost, and keeps the bad fruits rate under 2% after storage and transportation.

4. To reduce cost: Land and sea transportation are both available. Increase freight volume and replace air freight. Reduce freight fee and reduce cost. 

5. To prolong storage time: Realize unseasonal counter season sales of agricultural products, and increase profit.

6. To reduce germina growth: Harmful molecules produced during agricultural products maturing are neutralized. Stop germina from growing, such as salmonella, intestinal bacteria and mould.

7. To control gas exchange: With unique respiration system, it provides the best concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide and any other gas.

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