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7 criteria for a good closure
Source:http://www.kadaholding.com  Date:  2008/08/20 12:59:36

7 criteria for a good closure of soap bottles

A good closure is crucial to a soap bottle, or container. To seal a soap bottle is more than no leakage, it needs more performances. What's a qualified closure?
1.Proper seal for a bottle
2.No permeation on the contact surface where the soap pump meet the soap bottle
3.A proper liner between the pump and the soap bottle
4.Function of lock was designed in the foam pump or soap pump to lock the soap bottle
5.A convenient and quick start of the soap pump
6.Relatively precise dosage of effluence per press
7.Kinesiology, or human engineering design for comfortable use
Whatever the materials are, these 7 criterions are important to a good closure of a soap bottle, sports bottle or even a container.

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