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Spray pen useful to flu precaution
Source:http://www.kadaholding.com  Date:  2008/11/05 8:54:01

An sanitizer spray is very useful for us in flu precaution, for it makes the air clean at once. When the sanitizer comes to be an disinfectant spray looked like a pen, called spray pen, it is even more convenient and portable to use. A good sanitizer is absolutely practical tool for flue precaution. Following is some knowledge of bird flu.

Bird flu, also called avian influenza. There are 15 strains of flu that affect birds, but the one behind the global health scare is the sub-type known as H5N1. Cases of bird flu were first detected in Hong Kong in 1997. Bird flu in humans causes symptoms that are like human flu, such as fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches, conjunctivitis, pneumonia and other severe respiratory diseases.
Bird flu is only one kind of flus infect people, while there are also many other flus outbreak without being detected by us.

To avoid being infected, the most practical way may be to follow sanitary ways. Of course we need to wash our hands more often, while that's not enough, for air-borne infection is a character of flus. To keep the air clean, our micro sanitier or disinfectant spray is an useful tool. Being designed like an pen, a hook to cramp it anywhere, it is an useful and portable tool in flu precaution.

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