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28mm foam pump applying better to soap bottle
Source:http://www.kadaholding.com  Date:  2009/05/03 23:59:34

28mm foam pump applying better to soap bottle

Foam pumps are tender to our skin, which means give us better personal care during daily care. Another character which is very important is, foam bubbles are funny to babies. Based on these two features of foam pumps, more customers choose to use a foam bottle with foam pump to fill hand washing soap.
Among the foam pump sizes, 28mm, 30mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm foam pumps are more regular. To go further, 28 mm is most common to us, you may find bottles have a neck of 28mm in your home easily. If you have a 28mm foam pump or foaming pump at hand, you do not need to find a extra soap bottle for it, because many bottles can make it, while if you have foam pumps of other sizes, you may not so easy to find a PET bottle to replace.
This is common sense of foam pump, and may it help you.

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